Friday, August 3, 2007

What the Firefighter Told Me

While working on a night shoot at ABC, I had a great conversation with one of our rent-a-cops. Most of these guys are retired legit officers. This one in particular was a Firefighter based in Los Angeles. So I had to ask him, "you've probably seen some crazy stuff, right?" He paused for a bit. Looked down and asked me if I wanted to hear something scary. With glee in my eyes, I said "yea!" So he tells me his chapter gets a 911 call, and it's a routine heart-attack case. They go to an apartment. A man flags him in. So they follow this guy up the stairs. Upon entering the apartment, he find a man faced down. So this Firefighter goes over to turn him around. He recognizes his face. It was the same man that he had followed up the stairs. He checked the pulse. The man was deceased. And by the time he turned around, the man who he had followed up the stairs was gone. No one had seen anyone exit the apartment complex.